JNM Software

Information Systems Consulting

JNM Software is a technology and business consulting company providing efficient and effective solutions for business process improvement and information system needs.

Averaging three decades of experience in Business and Information Systems, with proven records of project success, our associates are well prepared to help manage and implement dynamic business solutions in challenging markets.

For your non-technical needs, our soft skills associates provide training for project teams, clerical staff, and management to help develop and improve teamwork, streamline project processes, and enhance communication skills. Effective interaction between individuals and between business units is most critical to an organization's success.

Our project professionals provide expertise in business process analysis and redesign, project management, systems analysis, database design, applications development, quality assurance testing, and implementation of mission critical applications. Our previous projects have served customers in banking, insurance, government, retail, shipping, aviation, real estate, and construction services.

We work with our customers to help them determine the best combination of training, services, processes, equipment, and connectivity that will allow them to meet their business objectives.

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